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The Story Behind the Brand

The Story Behind the Brand

Bath Cove LLC, formally known as Washboard Soapery LLC was born in memory of my beloved great grandmother Verna (Grandma B). As a little girl, I vividly remember playing in her basement and helping her do the laundry. She had these old metal buckets with washboards set inside where she would wash her clothes. If I close my eyes, I can picture that room in detail. I fondly remember her many bars of pure white soap strewn around the room. I can practically smell them now - so pure and clean.

My great grandmother had a claw foot tub that we used to take our baths in whenever we spent the night. She would warm water on the stove and fill the tub. Ahhh…the good ole days! I hope that you enjoyed taking this little trip down memory lane with me.

I started the business making only soap. Our customers love the soap so much and asked when other products would be made, such as; lotion, sugar scrubs, bath bombs, candles etc. I had not thought about this before until it was brought to my attention, so we listened to our customers and started to experiment with other products.

We are passionate about what we do. Along the way, we have developed many committed regular customers which means the world to us. Our number one goal in this business is to meet the needs of ALL of our customers.

As we grew, we realized that we could make so much more than soap, so we set out to expand the business. The praise we get on a regular basis from each and every one of YOU is the main ingredient for our motivation behind making all of our products. Formally Washboard Soapery, has gone above and beyond to expand into something much bigger, which is where Bath Cove LLC was born. We not only have soap but now offer many other luxurious products to go along with your soap. We want to continue making YOU feel like it’s time for YOUR sweet escape every time YOU use our products.

We take great pride in our brand and we will continue to stand behind each and every one of our products. Our products are all hand crafted with the finest ingredients, love and a little bit of nostalgia.

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